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Setting My Words Free to Soar Across the World

I've been writing for quite some time, longing to share my words with the world. At times, fear grips me, but I've made up my mind to face it head-on and keep pushing forward. Every encouraging sign I've encountered has fueled my determination to continue this journey.

The magic of writing lies in revisiting your words later and discovering a different version of yourself. It's truly beautiful to witness your growth, reflect on your thoughts from that moment, and relive the emotions you felt.

Just this week, I stumbled upon a book, and as I flipped through its pages, I came across an exercise that posed the question, "What would you like to do/achieve?" My response was that I dreamt of exploring the world and having a lifestyle blog where I could candidly share the best and not-so-good (ha, ha!) aspects of my daily life, just like a diary. In that very moment, an indescribable feeling washed over me - was it nostalgia or pure happiness? Regardless, it was undoubtedly a moment of joy. My past self, from five years ago when I wrote that aspiration down, could never have fathomed that I'd be living that dream in the present (even though I still have the whole world to explore, ha, ha!). But as we say in Mexico, "I already jumped the puddle," which means I've crossed the ocean to the other side of the world. I've visited two other continents, and ever since I moved to Tulum a year ago, writing became an ingrained habit for me. Whether I'm recounting my day, sharing my thoughts, or making plans, I pour my heart into it, and I adore every moment of it.

Step by step, I believe I'll mold this space to share everything that life brings my way.

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