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Del tingo al tango

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The following is a draft I penned on February 4th while I was traveling in the heart of Paris. That day marked the beginning of my future blog, and I was supposed to be on a plane back to Mexico. But you know what? I followed my heart's calling and chose to extend my journey. There's a whole story behind that decision, and I promise I'll share it later. For now, though, here's what I wrote on that eventful day, my very first entry, which I'm eager to share just as it came to me. This blog will be my space, and I'm not entirely sure if I'll publish this post. However, I'm bursting with things I want to share, and sometimes, through someone else's words, we find pieces of ourselves we never knew existed.

I plan to fill these pages with numerous photos, shared with fearless authenticity. I want to share my thoughts, anecdotes, and experiences, laying it all out like an open book.

As I sat down to write, the phrase "del tingo al tango" (moving from one place to another) popped into my mind because that's exactly how I feel right now and what I intend to do. I want to be in many places, just like we say in Mexico when we're constantly on the go, exploring different corners of the world. At this stage of my life, I don't want to settle down just yet. I yearn to learn, to explore, and to revel in the wonders this world has to offer, discovering new places, meeting diverse people, immersing myself in their stories and cultures.

The name of this blog holds a heartfelt significance. It came to me during a conversation with a friend about our unforgettable experience in Tulum, where we first met. She described it as inexplicable, and all of us who shared that experience felt the same way. I tried to put it into words, saying, "I can't quite describe it; it was just so beautiful. I felt like I lived so much, learned so much, experienced so much, so much life in such a short time." In that moment, it hit me, "Exactly! It was so much life!" wich translates to "Mucha vida" in spanish.

And that's how "Mucha Vida" became the perfect name for this blog.

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