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Thoughts, life experiences and wellness articles


My name is Angie, and I love capturing moments through photography, from beautiful landscapes to the simplest details of life. 

I enjoy exploring new places, meeting diverse souls, and immersing myself in different cultures. And I love trying new food!

In this space, I want to share bits and pieces of my life with you. You'll uncover not only those special moments and intimate thoughts that have shaped me but also valuable insights on nutrition, yoga, and other related topics.

My heartfelt wish is that you discover something here that makes you feel connected, opens up fresh perspectives, and inspires you to lead a more fulfilling life.

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I'm a specialized nutritionist, dedicated to promoting holistic well-being. I firmly believe that true health encompasses a profound connection between the mind, body, and spirit.

My passion lies in exploring the powerful influence of emotions on our eating habits and finding positive ways to address them.

As your guide, I'll help you rediscover your body, tune into its needs, and build trust in yourself. Together, we'll work on improving digestion, sleep, energy levels, and overall physical condition.

In addition to my expertise in nutrition, I'm also a certified integral yoga instructor, specializing in beginners. Guiding savasana during yoga classes is one of my favorite moments.

I take pleasure in sharing various breathing techniques and exercises that offer numerous health and well-being benefits.

If you resonate with my approach and seek a conscious and compassionate path to enhance your health and well-being, feel free to schedule a session with me.

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